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Treasure That's Worth Handing Down.

The Relove Exchange promotes sustainability by reusing and recycling clothing. 

 Customers buy, sell, and trade clothing, giving it a second life, which lessens the contribution to clothing waste in our landfills.  We are dedicated to supporting the local communities and environments having environmentally friendly practices and supporting charities.

Tokens For Tassen Charities Jan-March 2019

Tokens For Tassen

GreenPeace Nederland

Instead of giving out plastic bags, we give out 5 cent charity tokens. By bringing their own bags, customers can donate a token to one of three local charities.  Every token represents a plastic bag that was not added into circulation.  By doing this, we hope to support many local nonprofit organisations that need awareness and love, as well as keep plastic bags out of our waters.
Beneficiaries include animal rescues and shelters, community food pantries, children and family funds, women’s support shelters, homeless aid, LGBT organisations, environmental causes, and local library or school organisations.  
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