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High Waisted Shorts for High Temperatures!

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

The temperature is rising, and before we know it, August will arrive with even warmer days. Summer is finally here and the layers of clothes have melted away.

High waisted shorts are fantastic for all body shapes, since they elongate the legs and enhance the thinness of a waistline. Never wear the shorts with a flowey-top, always tuck in the top and wear a belt. Since the waist is high, a loose blouse only adds volume. So make sure to wear a crop top or a tighter shirt, that you can tuck into those shorts!

Lastly, the shoes. Wear a high heel and your legs will be even longer and creates a model-type figure. Flats and sandals are also flattering during these warm days. Enjoy the heat! X

Tuck in that shirt ladies!


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