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How To Sell Your Clothes

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

1. Clean Out For Upcoming Season

Remember that most resale clothing stores begin buying for the upcoming season a few months prior. For example, at ReLove Exchange, we begin taking summer clothes in March. (But we will also buy in-style, high quality items that are in great condition, even if they are out of season.)

Many stylists that shop at the ReLove Exchange recommend cleaning out every three months, to keep your life simple and organised. When cleaning out your closet, sort everything into three different piles.

Pile #1: Items to be stored for selling during that season.

Pile #2: Items to be donated, as they are very worn and used.

Pile #3: Items to Sell (ReLove Exchange Pile).

2. Keep Our Bag in Your Closet

ReLove Exchange offers our own Reusable Tote that stands on its own with a zipper. You can designate this bag in your wardrobe for selling your clothes! If you try something on and it does not fit or you don't like it anymore, throw it in the bag. This way, you can avoid the clutter in your closet building up. Then when you feel like going shopping, you'll already have some clothes to sell at ReLove for store credit!

3. Review Your Bag

Every item that we buy should be ready for the clothing rack. Make sure to review the clothes that you bring in to us beforehand (especially white clothes). This way, you can clean them before coming into ReLove, to save yourself a second trip back.

4. When in doubt, bring it in.

We buy a range of different sizes and designs, and make our choice based on style more than the brand. We love to take basic looks, T-shirts, vintage, 50s dresses, active gear, handbags, and a range of jewellery. Our buyers enjoy to see what you have, and you might be surprised with what you can sell with us!

5. Don't be shy

You don't need an appointment to sell at ReLove Exchange. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Weekends are busy, but the wait time is usually not longer than 15-20 minutes. Remember to bring a valid government-issued ID like a Driver’s License or Passport with you in order to sell and must be over 18 (or with a friend or parent who is).

Come up to the buy counter and chat with the buyer that is serving you. This way, you can learn how to sell your clothes, the types of items that we take at our store, how we price them, and answer any questions you might have. When a buyer looks through your items, they base their decision based on inventory and current styles. Since we can only take what we think will sell, we will assign a selection of your items a retail price. From that price amount, you receive 50% in store credit or 30% in cash on the same day that you sell.

Feel free to shop around when you are finished selling, or simply take the cash. You can also do both! For example, if you find a pair of cute shoes for 20 euros, but have some more store credit left, you can put the money on a trade card for later or get the rest back in cash. The store credit never expires, so if you love to shop with us, that is the best way to save money.

Make sure to give your phone number to the register before you leave to claim your cash or store credit.

Ready to sell? Come on over and Stop by!


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